There are many worthy Charitable Organizations and Institutions that are in need of your support, That's why we are so appreciative and thankful for your gifts, and we acknowledge your special Generosity. We take this opportunity to say " Thank you," while we share information that will help assure the maximum benfits from your gifts. By spending a few minutes carefully considering the form and timing of your gifts, you may find that you can have an even greater impact now and in the future. Your gifts is what makes it possible for H.O.P.E., Inc. to assist in needs and crisis to thousands of families and people! Again thank you!

E Jean Carter-Boniface, Founder/CEO

Joseph Boniface, CO-Founder

H.O.P.E. Inc.,Hope Properties LLC


 Organizational History

H.O.P.E. Inc. a Faith Based Organization originated in 1964, and Incorporated in 1967 as a Not-For-Profit Corporation by the State of Kansas. The Organization received it's 501 (c) (3) status from the IRS in June 1992. H.O.P.E. Inc. has a diverse provision of service components; Homeless Program, Affordable Housing, Prison Ministry, AIDS Program, COIP (Children of Imprisoned Parents), Domestic Violence Program Collaborative Referral Services, Healthy Homes Initiative Program, Drug & Alcohol, Case Management Counseling, Work & Job Preparation, Job Bank, Support Social Services, Supportive Housing Services, Nutritional Program, Educational Program, Financial Classes, Sr. Citizen & Youth Advocacy Program, Disadvantaged Youth Program, Disabled & Indigent Program, High Risk,  Risk Person's, Street Ministry and anger management classes.


Your generosity helps assure continued excellence. If you will consider making a tax deductible gift of $ 676, with ongoing impact, we will assure the maximum benefits from your gifts. Your gift of $676 can be made in memory of or in honor of Loved ones.


Kansas C.U.R.E.

Understanding CURE

 On the surface, Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errant (CURE) is typical of many other US-based non-profit organization:

  • CURE has obtained 501-c-3 tax-exempt status  U.S. with the Internal Revenue Service, enabling it contributions,tax deductible.

  • CURE has obtained consultative status with the United Nations, enabling it to participate in a wide range of discussions on issues which affect civil societies. 

  • CURE is multifaceted with International, National, State/Local/National and International chapter that are governed by CURE's Constitution and By Laws.

In some very important ways, CURE is unique:

  • CURE is a Grassroots Organization- from top to bottom. It does not hire professional leaders. Instead, its leaders com from the ranks of people formerly in prison and Family Members or Friends of Prisoners. These are People who are passionate about seeking improvements in the Criminal Justice System. Cure's members are also largely Prisoners, Ex-Prisoners, and Family Members and Friends of Prisoners.

  • The vast majority of Cure's funding is derived from membership dues and contributions of Members. Because our Members often come from the ranks of the lower economic strata, annual dues relatively inexpensive  may be waived for the indigent.

  • Unlike many nonprofits, CURE does not provide services. We exist solely to promote positive changes in the criminal justice system. To do that...

  • We work with policymakers in all branches of Government.

  • we provide information and encouragement to our Members so that they will work with policymakers to foster constructive changes.



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